The quest for the ultimate pocket radio has begun !
The ideal pocket radio should be at ease in FM (+fm stereo via the earphone plug), MW, be able to receive some stations in SW, shouldn't drain the batteries in no time and welcome additions would be an MP3 player, BT interface, solar panel, possibility to charge the internal batteries via an usb connector.
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Of course, it all depends on your expectations and the use you will make out of it.

I'm really tempted to divide the radio in 3 categories :

- The analogue radios (including analogue-style radios using some ic's)
- The digital radios with BT/MP3 capabilities
- The other digital radios


From all the radios I have tested so far, one comes out of the lot, for its easy of use, very good overall selectivity & sensitivity, battery life and the fact that it has a fm stereo decoder.

The Sony ICF-SW11.
See this link : ... d060be94b3

If you want an "analogue" style radio with an MP3/BT capability, the SuperSonic 1080 BT is a very good choice. But it does not have a 3,5mm jack output. However, it can be powererd using both AA batteries and a BL-5C battery. ... 0dd5d265f2


I can see 2 or 3 coming out of the lot.

If you want a good "survival" radio, with fm/mw/sw bands, MP3 & BT support, solar panel & hand-crank charging capability, the
TIVDIO HR-11S is a clear winner. ... d060be94b3

If you want the best possible sounding radio, with a well implemented MP3 player, very good FM but only "ok" MW & SW bands (they are usable but it's far from being a dx monster), the RETEKESS V115 is a very good choice. ... d060be94b3


In the other digital radios category, I can see 2 sub-categories:

- The ones with SSB support
- The ones without SSB suppor

In the SSB category, 2 radios come to mind:

DEGEN 1103
This has a very usable ssb mode, good general coverage, good sensitivity & selectivity, but not very good battery life. ... d060be94b3


This is a very complete radio, with inferior SSB tuning compared to the DEGEN 1103, and some annoying stuff like an overall feeling of being slow
(switching bands, ...), a system of memory pages which is a little bit awkward. Otherwise, this is clear winner which you want a radio which receives very well, even in the LW band. ... d060be94b3

In the non SSB category:


This an amazingly small radio, great sounding, quite easy to use, and also has the AIR band, like the XHDATA D-808. unfortunately, the LW
band is not very sensitive. But if you don't need it, go and buy one now ! This is a hell of a small pocket wonder ! ... d060be94b3

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