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Posted: 27 Jan 2019 10:51
by admin
This is a fantastic AM/FM/LW/SW analogue radio, with very good selecticity & sensitivity.

FM Reception: 9/10. This is a very good performer. Will pick a lot of stations.
RDS Display: n/a
MW Reception: 9/10. Very sensitive
LW Reception: 8/10. Works quite well !
SW Reception: 8/10. Very good selectivity & sensitivity.
Air Band: n/a
HF Amateur bands: Will cover partly some bands, but as it lacks SSB, not very useful.
VHF/UHF Amateur bands: n/a
CB Band: n/a
Rechargeable Battery: Uses standard AA batteries. Cannot be recharged from the radio.
Speaker sound quality: 8/10. Clear, crisp, powerful and pleasant. Better than most analogue radios.
Ease of use: 9/10. Very easy to use, it's an analogue set :)
Preset memories: n/a
MP3 Player: n/a
Bluetooth: n/a
Aux input: No
Solar panel: n/a
Record on SD card: n/a
Extra features: n/a

My last thoughts:

I warmly recommend this radio, for those who :

- Want a simple, easy to use, multiband radio that won't disappoint you. Highly recommended !
- Has FM stereo via the headphones jack
- Batteries last for ages

Things I don't like:

- No real weakness.

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