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Posted: 24 Mar 2019 08:52
by admin
Of course, it all depends on your expectations and the use you will make out of it.

I'm really tempted to divide the radio in 3 categories :

- The analogue radios (including analogue-style radios using some ic's)
- The digital radios with BT/MP3 capabilities
- The other digital radios


From all the radios I have tested so far, one comes out of the lot, for its easy of use, very good overall selectivity & sensitivity, battery life and the fact that it has a fm stereo decoder.

The Sony ICF-SW11.
See this link : ... d060be94b3

If you want an "analogue" style radio with an MP3/BT capability, the SuperSonic 1080 BT is a very good choice. But it does not have a 3,5mm jack output. However, it can be powererd using both AA batteries and a BL-5C battery. ... 0dd5d265f2


I can see 2 or 3 coming out of the lot.

If you want a good "survival" radio, with fm/mw/sw bands, MP3 & BT support, solar panel & hand-crank charging capability, the
TIVDIO HR-11S is a clear winner. ... d060be94b3

If you want the best possible sounding radio, with a well implemented MP3 player, very good FM but only "ok" MW & SW bands (they are usable but it's far from being a dx monster), the RETEKESS V115 is a very good choice. ... d060be94b3


In the other digital radios category, I can see 2 sub-categories:

- The ones with SSB support
- The ones without SSB suppor

In the SSB category, 2 radios come to mind:

DEGEN 1103
This has a very usable ssb mode, good general coverage, good sensitivity & selectivity, but not very good battery life. ... d060be94b3


This is a very complete radio, with inferior SSB tuning compared to the DEGEN 1103, and some annoying stuff like an overall feeling of being slow
(switching bands, ...), a system of memory pages which is a little bit awkward. Otherwise, this is clear winner which you want a radio which receives very well, even in the LW band. ... d060be94b3

In the non SSB category:


This an amazingly small radio, great sounding, quite easy to use, and also has the AIR band, like the XHDATA D-808. unfortunately, the LW
band is not very sensitive. But if you don't need it, go and buy one now ! This is a hell of a small pocket wonder ! ... d060be94b3

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