The quest for the ultimate pocket radio has begun !
The ideal pocket radio should be at ease in FM (+fm stereo via the earphone plug), MW, be able to receive some stations in SW, shouldn't drain the batteries in no time and welcome additions would be an MP3 player, BT interface, solar panel, possibility to charge the internal batteries via an usb connector.
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This radio is a real pocket marvel !
If you are looking for a cheap, good overall radio to go on travel or to offer to your friends or family, this is very nice. It's not perfect however...
Take a look below ...

FM Reception: 9/10. Very good reception, and FM is stereo via the earphone jack.
RDS Display: n/a
MW Reception: 6/10. Not so sensitive. Will receive stations, but there's a lot of noise.
LW Reception: n/a
SW Reception: 6/10. Will pull some stations, but it's not a DX monster.
Air Band: n/a
HF Amateur bands: n/a
VHF/UHF Amateur bands: n/a
CB Band: n/a
Rechargeable Battery: Use a rechargeable Nokia type battery. It's quite common but i'd prefer to have AA or AAA batteries. Battery life is very good.
Speaker sound quality: 9/10. a big WOW ! Sound is amazing, and the strong selling point of this radio. Powerful, clear, bassy sound.
Ease of use: 8/10. Very easy to use for a digital radio.
Preset memories: 7/10. Lots of space to store the stations.
MP3 Player: n/a
Bluetooth: n/a
Aux input: Yes. You can plug an external device via the 3.5 mm jack, or use the integrated mic to make some recordings on the SD card.
Solar panel: n/a
Record on SD card: 9/10. Yes ! This is a very good feature. Can record in 3 different qualities, but you can hear some degradation even at the highest (128 kbps) quality. That's for FM. For AM recordings, that's mostly sufficient.

My last thoughts:

I warmly recommend this radio, for those who :

- Want to have a very good MP3/FM Radio to lie around in the office/bathroom/garden shed.
- Want to bring a competent fm/mw/mp3 radio on holidays but who don't intend to use it as a DX monster
- Want to record AM/FM broadcasts on a SD cards
- Want to make a cheap gift which will please most peoples !

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