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Posted: 20 Jan 2019 10:21
by admin
This radio is a very good survival radio ...
Given that it also has some extra features such as an MP3 player, text reading capability, a BT connection, and possibility to records broadcasts,
it could even be used in other situations. Maybe as an spare BT speaker ?

FM Reception: 7/10. Very decent reception, and FM is stereo via the earphone jack.
RDS Display: n/a
MW Reception: 5/10. Not very sensitive. Will receive the most powerful stations. Things could be improved there.
LW Reception: n/a
SW Reception: 5/10. Will pull some stations, but it's not a DX monster.
Air Band: n/a
HF Amateur bands: n/a
VHF/UHF Amateur bands: n/a
CB Band: n/a
Rechargeable Battery: Use a rechargeable Nokia type battery. It's quite common but i'd prefer to have AA or AAA batteries. Battery life is not so good.
Speaker sound quality: 7/10. Definitely better than most pocket radios.
Ease of use: 5/10. This is the biggest drawback of this radio. This is not user friendly at all, especially entering and navigating the different menus.
Preset memories: 6/10. Lots of space to store the stations. But storing and recalling the preset memory kinda sucks.
MP3 Player: yes, but didn't test it.
Bluetooth: yes, tested it, and acts as a traditional BT speaker (+ mic to answer calls).
Aux input: n/a
Solar panel: yes
Record on SD card: yes, but didn't test this feature yet. Have to come back later and try this feature.
Extra features: Can read text files (maybe useful in some survival situations, not sure ...). Has s flashlight, not the brightest one, but
it's there.

My last thoughts:

I warmly recommend this radio, for those who :

- Want to have a good survival radio, with decent capabilities
- Want an ok FM radio
- Want a spare MP3/BT speaker with good all-around sound

Things I don't like:

- Overall usability can be enhanced a lot
- Battery life is not exceptional
- MW/SW sensitivity is not very good
- Does not cover the LW band

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