The quest for the ultimate pocket radio has begun !
The ideal pocket radio should be at ease in FM (+fm stereo via the earphone plug), MW, be able to receive some stations in SW, shouldn't drain the batteries in no time and welcome additions would be an MP3 player, BT interface, solar panel, possibility to charge the internal batteries via an usb connector.
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This radio is a very good survival radio ...
Given that it also has some extra features such as an MP3 player, text reading capability, a BT connection, and possibility to records broadcasts,
it could even be used in other situations. Maybe as an spare BT speaker ?

FM Reception: 7/10. Very decent reception, and FM is stereo via the earphone jack.
RDS Display: n/a
MW Reception: 5/10. Not very sensitive. Will receive the most powerful stations. Things could be improved there.
LW Reception: n/a
SW Reception: 5/10. Will pull some stations, but it's not a DX monster.
Air Band: n/a
HF Amateur bands: n/a
VHF/UHF Amateur bands: n/a
CB Band: n/a
Rechargeable Battery: Use a rechargeable Nokia type battery. It's quite common but i'd prefer to have AA or AAA batteries. Battery life is not so good.
Speaker sound quality: 7/10. Definitely better than most pocket radios.
Ease of use: 5/10. This is the biggest drawback of this radio. This is not user friendly at all, especially entering and navigating the different menus.
Preset memories: 6/10. Lots of space to store the stations. But storing and recalling the preset memory kinda sucks.
MP3 Player: yes, but didn't test it.
Bluetooth: yes, tested it, and acts as a traditional BT speaker (+ mic to answer calls).
Aux input: n/a
Solar panel: yes
Record on SD card: yes, but didn't test this feature yet. Have to come back later and try this feature.
Extra features: Can read text files (maybe useful in some survival situations, not sure ...). Has s flashlight, not the brightest one, but
it's there.

My last thoughts:

I warmly recommend this radio, for those who :

- Want to have a good survival radio, with decent capabilities
- Want an ok FM radio
- Want a spare MP3/BT speaker with good all-around sound

Things I don't like:

- Overall usability can be enhanced a lot
- Battery life is not exceptional
- MW/SW sensitivity is not very good
- Does not cover the LW band

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