RetroGame RS-97

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RetroGame RS-97

Post by admin » 06 Jun 2019 15:00

Like the Bittboy and LDK handhelds, this is a cheap handheld running with a rather weak cpu running at max 600mhz.
It comes with a rather disappointing stock firmware but hopefully, you can install OpenDingux on it.

Take a look here :

I suggest you install the firmware on the external sd card, which is in my opinion a better solution than installing it on the internal sd (which requires disassembling the console). For that purpose, you have to install first a special patch which allows booting the opendingux os on the external sd card.

Once this is done, you have a *way better* firmware than the stock one !
OpenDingux also comes with several ports (quake, doom), original games and other tools (file manager, video player,...), in addition the emulators.

It has some nice features

- Good quality lcd screen (but the Bittboy screen is better)
- Separate volume control (does not use a key combination like the Bittboy v2)
- Separate brightness control
- Has left / right triggers, which does not exist on the Bittboy, and which I consider an essential feature.
- Has a good small speaker.
- Has a 3.5mm sound output

Things I don't like

- Battery life is not fantastic
- In case it crashes (and it happens sometimes), you have to remove the battery which really is annoying (you must use a screwdriver).
- Does not have any screen protection ! You really have to take care as you can easily scratch / damage it.

In summary

This is a nice little handheld, which runs the same set of emulators as the bittboy and LDK handhelds.
It's only plagued by an average battery life and occasional crashes which will force you to remove the battery. Maybe this is fixed in a later OS release, who knows? It also lacks a lcd protection, which I find very strange as it would have only costed a few more cents.

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