The GBA "101" mod

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The GBA "101" mod

Post by admin » 06 Jun 2019 15:55

If you have a GBA and want to mod it and install a backlit LCD screen, this is a very good solution.
I have bought and installed several of these kits, and the quality is outstanding.

Depending on your version and depending on the kit you will chose, it will require either a simple soldering job or no soldering at all.
It comes as 2 versions: a 32 and a 40 pins kit, depending on your gba version. Please take a look on ... on.448597/.

The features I like

- Fantastic screen quality

Things I don't like

- Battery life is a little bit lower given the screen consumption.
- Requires dismantling the handheld, precision soldering in some cases.

In summary

This is a very nice solution if you want to bring your GBA in the 21th century.
This is the perfect solution for classic GB/GBC/GBA gaming.

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