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Post by admin » 08 Jun 2019 14:58

If you are looking for a cheap Gameboy Colour clone with a very good quality backlit screen, this may be the best solution.

The features I like

- Excellent backlit lcd screen (but the screen format is not exactly the same as the original Gameboy Color)
- Separate volume control
- Has a very good battery life
- High compatibility with GB/GBC games
- TheEverdrive GB cartridge is working fine
- It comes with 66 builtin games (although I think the latest revisions don't have these games anymore integrated)

Things I don't like

It has an 3.5mm headphones plug, however it simply does not work. Sound continues to come from the small speaker. This is a shame.
Also, the internal speaker is wired for mono sound output and don't play all the instruments if the game is programmed to play sound in stereo.

In summary

It's a very good gameboy color clone.
Screen quality is amazing, compatibility is very high, it has a very good battery life. If you don't need to listen to the audio through the 3.5mm jack, then this is for you !

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